Fazil Honours Result 2023 has been published by result.iau.edu.bd: You can get now Islamic Arabic University Fazil Honours 1st year ResultFazil Honours 2nd year ResultFazil Honours 3rd year Result and Fazil Honours 4th year Result Download with full markseet. see below for details ……

Fazil Honours Result 2023 (1st,2nd,3rd,4th year) has been published by result.iau.edu.bd

Here you can find out the information: All the students participating in the four-year Fazil Honours course from Islamic Arabic University have passed Fazil Honours 1st year, Fazil Honours 2nd year, Fazil Honours 3rd year, Fazil Honours 4th year. From here you can view and download your Fazil Honours Result with complete marksheet / grade sheet.

Along with that, there are detailed rules for knowing Fazil Honours Retake Result, Fazil Honours Improvement Result and Fazil Honours Academic Result, Fazil Honours Final Result, Fazil Honours Combined Grade Sheed Result.

There is more for you in the final stage, how you will challenge the Fazil Honors Result Board and get the result. How to know Fazil Honours Result 2023 from mobile online / via SMS. So let’s go ahead and find out the details.

When will you give Fazil Honours results?

Yes, friends! Are you looking for Fazil Honours First Year ResultFazil Honours Second Year ResultFazil Honours Third Year ResultFazil Honours Fourth Year Result or Fazil Honours Final Result? The Islamic Arabic University has not yet announced the date for the release of the Fazil Honours Exam Result.

If the date of publication of the Fazil Honours result is announced, it will be updated here. So first of all keep a regular eye on this page to know the results of your Fazil Honours exam.

How to get Fazil Honours Result 2023?

You can see the results of the Fazil Honours examination of all the years under Islamic Arabic University under two rules. With your registration number, you will be able to know the Fazil Honours Result 2023 of all the years along with the marksheet. And with the EIIN Number of your educational institution, you will be able to know the results of all your classmates along with your results.

How to view Fazil Honours Result 2023 with registration number:

  • First, you have to click on the link given below. Then the results page will open in a new tab.
  • There, from the Student Result Tab, first, select Fazil Honours from the Class option.
  • Then select the year in which your Fazil Honours exam was done from Examination Year.
  • Then from the Year option, select the year you want to know the result of Fazil Honours.
  • Then enter the registration number in the blank box below Registration No.
  • Then ”12 16 =? You will see a question mark like this, which means you will write the sum of the two numbers in the Captcha box below.
  • Click on the latest Result button and wait, you will see your desired result in detail.
Fazil Honours Result 2023 Islamic Arabic University

Fazil Honours Result 2023 “Click Here To Download”

Fazil Honours Result 2023 By EIIN Number:

  • First, a result page will open with a new tab “Click this link”.
  • Then click on Madrasah Result on the right side of the Student Result tab.
  • Enter your Madrasha EIIN number correctly in the Madrasha EIIN box.
  • Enter your Madrasa Password correctly in the Password box.
  • Select the exam year from Examination Year.
  • Select Fazil Honours from Class.
  • Select 1st Year / 2nd Year / 3rd Year / 4th Year as per your requirement from Year.
  • 3 11 =? You will see a challenge code like this, Put the sum of the two numbers in the Captcha box below.
  • Finally, click on the Result button below and wait.
Fazil Honours Result By EIIN Number

Fazil Honours Result 2023 via SMS

So far no system has been launched by Islamic Arabic University to know the results of Fazil Honours through SMS from the mobile phone. If the facility of viewing Fazil Honours Result by SMS from the mobile phone is activated, it will be updated with detailed information here.

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Fazil Honours Retake / Improvement Result

Fazil Honours Retake / Improvement Result will be published within 1-3 days after the publication of Regular Fazil Honours Result by Islamic Arabic University or through a separate notice on the website of Islamic Arabic University. Follow the rules below to see Fazil Honours Retake / Improvement Results.

First “Click here and”, wait for the results page to open in the new tab. Then fill in the form with the correct information as per normal rules and submit it. If you have trouble understanding something, take a good look at the sample picture below.

Fazil Honours Retake_Improvement Result

Fazil Honours Academic / Combined Gradesheet Result

Fazil Honours 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, and 4th-year results are shown together with Fazil Honours Academic / Combined Grade Sheed Result. It is also called Fazil Honours Final Result. Generally, all the students who have passed the Fazil Honours 4th year examination and completed the Fazil Honours course, want to see the results of all their years together.

Many people may also want to know what was the result of Fazil Honours 1st and 2nd year or what was the result of Fazil Honours 1st, 2nd and 3rd year.

So if you want to see Fazil Honours Academic / Combined Gradesheet Result, then you have to wait for the regular Fazil Honours Result to be published. Fazil Honours Academic / Combined Grade sheet Result will be published by separate notice by Islamic Arabic University.

  • Click on this link to know Fazil Honours Academic / Combined Gradesheet Result.
  • Select Fazil Honours from the Class option.
  • Select your Session Year from Session Year, you will find it on your Registration / Admit Card.
  • Enter your registration number correctly in the Registration No box.
  • 10 + 1 =? You will see a challenge code like this, but the sum of two numbers is in the Captcha box below.
  • Finally, click on the Result button in the lower right corner and wait.
Fazil Honours Academic_Combined Gradesheet Result

Fazil Honours Result Board Challenge 2023

Has participated in the four years of Fazil Honours course or Fazil Honours first year, Fazil Honours second year, Fazil Honours third year, Fazil Honours fourth year examinations under Islamic Arabic University. They will be able to apply for the Fazil Honours Result Board Challenge 2023 after the Fazil Honors results are published. Students who have done poorly, whose results have not been as expected, or whose results have been published incorrectly. you can apply for the Fazil Honours Result Re-Evaluation / Review / Correction / Board Challenge 2023 through the website of the Islamic Arabic University.

You have to apply online by submitting the fee within the next 30 days after the publication of the Fazil Honours result. Submit the fee to any branch of Agrani Bank Ltd. at the rate of 500tk for each subject code following the rules prescribed for review of the answer sheet.

  • First, you have to enter this site of Islamic Arabic University “www.iau.edu.bd/ by clicking on this link”.
  • Then select Fazil Honours 1st Year Re-scrutiny Fee or Fazil Honours 2nd Year Re-scrutiny Fee or Fazil Honours 3rd Year Re-scrutiny Fee or Fazil Honours 4th Year Re-scrutiny Fee from Exam Name at the beginning of the new page.
  • Then enter the registration number of your Fazil Honours correctly in the box of Registration Number and click on the Search button below.
  • Then your name will auto come in the Full Name box, see if your name is correct. Then enter your own mobile number in the blank field of Contact Number.
  • Then tick next to the code number of the subject you want to apply from Paper Code. Then you will see the amount of Payment Amount automatic application fee.
  • Click on the latest Submit button and wait. Then you will see the Download Statement option, click here to download and save your application file.
  • Then you can download Payslip and deposit money in any branch of the nearest “Agrani Bank Ltd.” through Online System.
  • The deposited online banking deposit slip has to be submitted directly / by post/courier service along with the examination controller of the university within the next 07 (seven) working days of submission.


Result Notice – রেজাল্ট নোটিশ

Dear Visitors, We have tried our best to present in detail all the information related to the Fazil Honours Result of Islamic Arabic University. So that you can easily view and download your own Fazil Honours result with marksheet / grade sheet without any hassle.

If you still have any difficulty viewing the Fazil Honors Results, let us know in the comment box below. Or write down your registration number, exam year and the year you want to know the result. We will try to let you know the result in the reply comment, InshaAllah.

Share and spread this post so that others can also benefit. Thank you for being with us for so long.

Fazil Honours Result 2023 Islamic Arabic University

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